Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our future guests

The parking space is included in price – one parking space per apartment. 
So far nobody ever had any problem with safety in Primošten (I certainly hope it will remain so). The parking space is located in the pine forrest of hotel Zora and Slava. It is not watched, but since everything is so quiet during the night, any slightest noise would be heard.  

No. Local authorities have decided that Mala Raduča street is a part of pedestrian zone in Primošten so they closed it with hydraulic pole. The pole can be lowered only by certain remote controllers and only in early morning hours. To make things more complicated, there’s also a webcam controlling license plate on the car so there can be no “misusage” of the controller. God forbid giving someone your controller…!

To make things easier for our guests, we have prepared a small cart which is to be used to drag the luggage from the car to our house instead of simply carrying it in your hand. We know how complicated this might look to you right now, but once you’re at the actual place you’ll realise why this non-traffic decision isn’t such a bad idea. Especially when you have children. 🙂

Even though there are several restaurants and caffe’s around our house, there’s no noise in the apartment. Primošten is family-friendly place and almost all sound is extinguished after 23:00 h. Besides that, when you close balcony door there’s no sound penetrating at all. We had plenty of families with children of all age staying at our place and nobody ever complained about the noise or impossibility of sleeping. After all,  after spending an entire day on the beach, swimming in the sea and breathing clean sea air, you can stay assured your kids will be sleeping like, well, like babies 🙂

Beach(es) in Primošten are entirely child friendly. There are no sharp rocks or sea urchins, shade can be found in the pine forrest around hotels Zora and Slava. If you’d like to be closer to the sea, you can rent sun shade (parasol) along with lounges or you can bring your own.

Since summer 2017. dog’s are no longer allowed on the beach. I personally as a dog lover dislike this idea, but at the same time I do understand the reasons for deciding so. But there is an alternative place where you can go and experience all the beach fun with your pet. I have marked that beach on Primošten map.

You can walk your dog anywhere else in Primošten (bar the beach) as long as your dog is on leash.